Administrative Office

State Director

The duties of the State Director are defined by K.S.A. 22-4525 as follows: The state director of indigents' defense services shall be chief executive officer of the state board of indigents' defense services. In addition thereto, the director shall: (a) supervise the operation, policies and procedures of the office of the board; (b) prepare and submit to the board an annual report of the operation of the office in such form as the board directs; and (c) perform such other duties as the board requires.In addition, the Board has in place a written job description for the State Director.

Legal Services

The Legal Services Section provides administrative supervision and support to the Public Defender, Contract Counsel, and Appointed Counsel Systems. A staff attorney serves as the Administrative Counsel and Director of the Legal Services Section. The Legal Services Section responds to requests for defense services and recommends authorization of appropriate expenses for defense attorneys handling indigent cases. These requested services include those provided by investigators and expert witnesses such as psychiatrists, forensic pathologists, accident reconstructionists, or other professionals.

Legal Services is also responsible for coordinating and overseeing contracts for capital case litigation in conflict cases and providing information and recommendations to the Board regarding regional expansion, legal and legislative issues. The Legal Services Section provides information to attorneys, judicial officers, and the general public regarding the Board=s regulations and policies and defender operations. This section also makes recommendations to the Board regarding systemic changes and improvements.


The Information Technology Department provides planning, procurement, design, implementation, and infrastructure development, as well as support of all computer equipment, LAN/WAN connections, applications, and telecommunications for the agency. The department manager develops a 3 year Information Technology Management and Budget Plan, and directs the department in completing the objectives contained in the plan. The IT department also assists the internal agency departments and external customers in statistical analysis, provides demographic data, case tracking, and programming services.


The Auditing Section is administered by the Assistant Director/Public Service Executive II. Three other employees assist with auditing duties. This section is responsible for auditing all assigned counsel vouchers and determining payments in accordance with Board policy and rules and regulations. The Assistant Director/Public Service Executive II also handles special projects for the agency, acts as records officer, directs file storage and management and assists Legal Services Section with assigned counsel requests for investigative and expert witnesses.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department manages personnel functions and activities related to human resources including but not limited to recruitment/orientation, exit interviews, compensation, benefit management, training, Family Medical Leave Act, the Shared Leave Program, and the Statewide Human Resources and Payroll System (SHaRP). A Human Resource Professional II was approved and hired in December, 1995, and serves as the agency's human resource director. An office specialist assists the human resource director. The Personnel Section manages agencywide classified training programs and coordinates the appointment of unclassified personnel with the Governor's Secretary of Appointments.


The Accounting Section is responsible for providing individual monthly expenditure reports to the Director and to each field office and assists with the completion of the annual budget. The Public Service Executive II acts as chief purchasing officer for the agency, coordinating large purchases and reviewing travel requests, and maintains the agency inventory. The Accounting Section consists of a Public Service Executive II, and two employees. The section is responsible for processing payment on all operating expenses of the field offices, STARS data entry of assigned counsel payments, and receipt/monitoring of defendant recoupment.